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Southern Products & Silica Co, Inc

Address: P.O. Drawer 189

City: Hoffman

State: NC

Zip Code: 28347

Phone Number: 800-572-6348

Web Site:

Since 1933, Southern Products & Silica Company, Inc. has manufactured superior quality specialty sand and gravel products for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Our Drowning Creek quarry consists of an underwater alluvial deposit that yields a hard, rounded quartzite material substantially free of deleterious materials (such as clay, silt, iron and mica) of sufficient strength and hardness to resist degradation during handling and use. This material is less likely to spall and block a filter than weathered, softer material mined on or near the surface of the ground.

All material is washed, screen-sized, re-washed and sized again according to standards outlined in the current American Water Works Association Standard for Filtering Material, B-100 as applicable.