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Gift Pro Software Solutions for the Gift Industry

Address: PO Box 867

City: Wilmington

State: NC

Zip Code: 28402

Phone Number: 910-794-4013

Web Site:

Goal Statement

To provide software products and services that will directly contribute to our customer’s overall business success in the marketplace.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce innovative software tools to the gift industry. The staff of GiftPro strives to demonstrate our organizational values of integrity, professionalism and excellence in all our products and services. Because we believe that our customers are our most valuable resource, we view our users as business partners. Based upon user and industry feedback we endeavor to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by continually enhancing our products and services.

Company History

GiftPro is a comprehensive retail point of sale software system designed for the gift industry. Consistent with our goal to offer innovative products for the entire industry was the development of eChain. This product is a web based application designed for multi-site organizations that want to manage financial and inventory information centrally.

Three founding partners, Jeff King, Tom Booher, and Jeannette Jessup, began development of the point of sale product in 1994.

Jeff King is responsible for research and development of  software products and services. His background is accounting and computer science. Jeff has extensive computer hardware and retail systems knowledge, and is creative in the conceptualization of system designs to fill unmet needs in the marketplace.

Tom Booher has been programming for 16 years. He has taught classes in program and database design. He has worked with multiple operating systems in various programming languages. Previous projects for Tom have included development of databases for various corporations. Tom heads up the programming department for GiftPro.

Jeannette Jessup is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, is involved in the design stages of product development, and oversees all human resources functions. .Formerly a Regional Vice President of a large national healthcare company, Jeannette successfully grew and managed a 20 million dollar region with 13 locations and over 2000 employees. She has 14 years of management experience including human resource management, operations and financial management.

Our ongoing success in the gift industry is accomplished through our dedication to stay abreast of latest technology, our innovative and creative design concepts, and our commitment to create mutually beneficial business partnerships.