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Donald Ross Golf Trail

Address: PO Box 350164

City: Palm Coast

State: FL

Zip Code: 32135

Phone Number: 386-864-5306

Web Site:

The Donald Ross Golf Trail Association (DRGTA) was founded by PGA Professional Andy Heartz, the manager at the Donald Ross designed Palatka Golf Club. He saw many great organizations dedicated to his legacy and design integrity like the Tufts Archives in Pinehurst and the Donald Ross Society – but no organization dedicated to directly helping courses like his increase play or helping golfers play them.  He wanted to fill that gap because the best example of Ross’ legacy is the incredible courses he designed. They need to not only be preserved and praised for their pedigree, but played by golfers so they can truly appreciate and cherish his legacy. He started the Donald Ross Golf Trail Association with a simple mission: “help those who love Ross courses gain access while, at the same time, increase revenue at participating courses by helping them gain national and regional exposure to a group of golfers that like Donald Ross courses – the kind of customer Ross courses want to play their course and give limited access.”

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