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A & Reds Transmission Parts

Address: 3737 West 29th S

City: Wichita

State: KS

Zip Code: 67217

Phone Number: 216-942-5300

Web Site:

A & Reds was established in Wichita in 1972 as a supplier of transmission hard parts and soft parts. A branch facility opened in Kansas City, KS, in 1989. The whole approach from the first was to offer customers a one-stop shopping. Our customers appreciate the full-line approach.

Today, most shops buy parts as needed, and they want those parts right away. We ship the majority of our products UPS. For shops that keep on hand a base stock of parts, we serve those needs on a monthly basis through the contract with the trucking company.

A & Reds also maintains a machine shop for re-manufacturing and reconditioning hard parts. The shipping department at A & Reds contains a computerized UPS shipping-point system that allows rapid processing of shipments and provides for instant tracking of all shipments through an online interface to the UPS tracking system.

We’re what our customers want us to be. We try very hard to supply our shop customers with all the products that they need. We’re a source of information and problem-solving, and we actively promote and sponsor technical education each year.