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Angels For Moore

City: Pinehurst

State: NC

Zip Code: 28374

Phone Number: 910-246-0311

Web Site:

We believe one of the greatest opportunities for economic growth in Moore County, North Carolina is by encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship, and small- and medium-sized businesses. These individuals and businesses have a tremendous potential to grow, create new jobs and generate significant investment in Moore County.  However, one of the important needs to attract these types of individuals and companies is the availability of capital in various forms.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are already discovering that with its exceptional lifestyle, Moore County is a great place to live and have a business.  Angels for Moore was created in 2004 with the goal of further attracting entrepreneurs and encouraging the would-be entrepreneurs already here.

Angels for Moore is a confidential network of individuals in the area who have an interest in entrepreneurial development in Moore County.  The members of this group are accredited investors, each with the capacity to invest a minimum of $10,000 in new, start-up businesses and small existing companies with the potential for growth in Moore County.

The original organizational supporters of this initiative were the following Moore County business leaders:

Donnell G. Adams, Jr. William P. Saunders, Jr
William B. Clement William C. Smith, Jr.
Dr. John N. Ellis Stuart J. Strickland
Stephen F. Later David Woronoff
D. Wayne Peterson

Each member has the responsibility of conducting his or her own due diligence and has the individual discretion of whether or not to invest in a particular project.  Angels for Moore does not endorse any of the projects, nor is it an angel fund in which investors collectively pool their funds and make group investment decisions.

The role of Angels for Moore is to serve as a conduit, a facilitator in bringing the investors together with the entrepreneurs.  The goal is to cultivate a ‘win-win’ business environment.  Entrepreneurs may get the capital they need for their businesses, while the investors can potentially earn significant returns.

Currently, Angels for Moore has over 50 members and is always searching for additional qualified members.

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